Visitor Program

The TURIS visitor program initiates and supports innovative research projects on gravitational quantum physics and quantum aspects of space-time, in which Vienna has accumulated a worldwide unique constellation of expertise.

to ensure a continuous, lively discussion with high-level short- and long-term visitors from around the globe, TURIS offers a Visiting Fellow Program. It will facilitate exchange of know-how between leading experts, students and colleagues from around the world, coming together in Vienna.


PIs: Joao Alves, Markus Arndt, Markus Aspelmeyer, Caslav Brukner, Piotr T. Chrusciel, Markus Müller,
Josef Pradler, Philip Walther.

Short Term Visitors

  • open to researchers with a PhD at any career stage
  • up to 5 days
  • a colloquium for TURIS members
  • time to exchange with all research groups involved in the programm
  • TURIS visitor program will cover
    • Travel
    • accomodation

Long Term Visitors

  • open to advanced researchers with a promising collaborative potential for TURIS Pis
  • up to 8 weeks
  • includes a colloqium
  • possibility of a mini leacutre course or a colloquia series
  • in depth collaboration with multiple local researchers is expected and supported
  • as well as time to exchange with all research groups involved in the program
  • TURIS visitor program will cover
    • travel
    • accommodation


If you are interested in visiting in us in Vienna as a TURIS Fellow, please send the following to

  • your CV
  • a selection of relevant publications
  • a brief description of your current research focus and collaboration activities with Vienna

If there are specific groups you are particularly interested in collaborating with, please also specify this in your email. You can find further information about our research groups and their research interests on the corresponding pages.